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Unique Collection

Because we are all unique


Anna Lindh Vogue-15.jpg

Story behind

As the name implies, Unique Collection emphasizes individuality. Each of us would like to be seen as who we really are. On the wedding day, the bride is under everyone's eyes and then if ever it is important that the dress fits perfectly, as this gives confidence. This collection was created specifically to emphasize individuality and each piece in the collection is unique.


How is this implemented? Every time a dress is made, some small detail is changed, and all products are numbered and signed. This way you can be sure that no one else in the world will walk down the aisle in a similar dress. What are the unique details then? For instance, the direction or quantity of the pleat is specified to make the dress unique. The dress can also be made sleeveless or with sleeves just as requested. These unique details do not increase the price, they are included in the price. The goal of the collection is to create your own unique dress.


The dresses in the collection are made of stunning carefully selected silks. A viscose blend and recycled fabric are also an options. These fabrics can be perfectly dyed, so you can get an evening dress or a festive dress from the dress after the wedding day by dyeing. Some of the dresses also have very high-quality handmade sequin fabric added.

The entire collection has been designed in Finland and every single piece of this collection is handmade in Finland. 


FAITH bridal gown

HEMERA silk skirt

STAR bridal gown

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