As the name of the collection may suggest, Roots is a part of me. Roots tells my story, a story of my roots. 

I grew up in Finland. My father is a Swedish Finn. My grandmother lived in the USA for as long, as I can remember. All this has

affected my life and I feel that my childhood was largely spent in between the three cultures. Finland is my homeland. The Finnish-Swedish culture is filled with its own old and strong traditions. American culture in its turn is largely about believing in the future, about daring to do things, about being international and very optimistic, which I find very important especially in our times. 


The dresses in this collection have been designed for big church weddings, as well as small and intimate weddings at the City Hall. The fabrics of all gowns are of premium quality, which makes them reusable. I have used luxurious silks, and now, for the first time also viscose. 

Why do I use silk in my creations? Because silk has a unique and rare shine to it, it feels wonderful on your skin, it breathes in hot temperatures and warms you in cool weather. Personally, I do not know of any other fabric that would be of as excellent quality as silk; simply the best for one's most important day in life. A gown made of silk can also be died after the wedding day, and thus be used more than just once. 

Why viscose then? - you may ask. Because I was on a lookout for an alternative for my clients. Something that would be as close to silk in texture, as possible, but would offer my clients a less expensive option. Viscose is a regenerated fiber made of cellulose. It is also a breathable fabric, it shines beautifully and in my opinion is the best alternative for a wedding day gown, alongside with silk. 


The gowns made of silk come in natural white and black. The gowns made of viscose can be ordered in natural white, rose, mustard-yellow and black colours. This makes the outfits suitable also for other occasions, and makes them a perfect choice also for wedding guests. The entire collection has been designed in Finland and every single piece of this collection is handmade in Finland. 

This competition collection was done in collaboration with a Finnish jewellery designer Gina Bulgamin-Salo. Gina designed a magnificent flower-themed jewellery set for these gowns.