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Shine Collection

My First Collection


Anna Lindh Glorious Bridal cape_edited.jpg

Story behind

I designed the collection, in Florida, USA, in my grandparents’ home. It was exactly the right place for designing the first collection. My own style is quite simple and minimalistic. I have, however, inspired by the American style, added a dash of golden details to my collection. The gowns are created of silk from linings to top fabrics. The collection is a mix of Finnish Scandinavian style with a dash of American bling. It was designed with love, in a place very dear to me.

The idea of collection is that the clothes are simple and timeless. All clothes are available in standard women size and made to measure. You can get a dress that actually fits.

All pieces of my collection are 100% pure silk inside out. Why? Because silk is the most beautiful, it feels so good on skin and it's a natural fiber. As silk can be dyed in other colors as well, it means, that after the wedding you can use your wedding dress as an evening dress. 

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