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Temptations Collection

It's all about body positivity


Anna Lindh Temptations Collection.jpg

Story behind

The name of the collection represents the bride`s wish to be as beautiful and as seductive as possible on her wedding day. 


This collection was primarily designed keeping in mind body positivity. The idea behind the collection is to highlight female beauty in all its shapes and sizes. We all have parts in our bodies that we do not like that much, but luckily it is the overall appearance that counts. Personally, I think that body positivity means accepting your own body regardless of it's size-big or small. Other people view us as a whole and they see our best parts. The target of this collection is to get the bride to feel as beautiful, sexy and as self-confident as possible on her wedding day.


 All dresses are meant to get the bride feel absolutely perfect on her wedding day, focusing on beautiful face and bringing out the overall appearance in the best possible light. When the best parts of the body are reconised, it is possible to highlight them. It is important to feel confident on one's wedding day, and forget all the self-critique one may have. After all, your partner has chosen you just the way you are.


The dresses from this collection are all made of the high quality silk, starting from the outer fabric all the way to the linings of the dresses. I have also used embroidered fabrics of the highest quality. The dresses are all hand-tailored and thus unique.

The entire collection has been designed in Finland and every single piece of this collection is handmade in Finland. 

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