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Anna Lindh

Behind the Brand

I´m Anna Lindh, fashion designer and dressmaker.

I made my very first pieces of clothing at the age of 7, and at 14 I started working in the field of fashion. 27 years ago, I earned a degree in dressmaking, followed by a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and Master's degree in Sustainable Fashion. Ever since I have worked in fashion field as a Fashion designer, dressmaker, and a garment technician.

Clothing industry is an integral part of me as a person, and I hold the work I do very dear to my heart. At the age of 14 I understood that my life journey lies within the fashion industry, and I have been walking that road ever since.

Sustainable development and responsible management of the fashion industry are the values I hold very dear in my work. I am a mother of two boys, and I hope that the World we live in will be a good place for my sons and all future generations.


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