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First collection

Updated: Mar 5

Summer is over and Fall is about to begin. There is a sense of soft Autumn freshness and crispiness in the air. This Fall will be very interesting. I am for the first time going to participate in Love Me Do fair with my company. Due to that, I have for the first time in my life taken part in a design competition. I am competing for a 2018 Wedding Designer of the Year award. So far, I have been selected to the best finalists group.

For this competition, a collection of 3 gowns needed to be created. Designing a collection has been on my goal list for a long time. When 2 years ago I established my company, the idea of my own collection was born. However, my beloved family needed me a lot during that time, which is why designing a collection needed to be postponed. My lovely grandmother was in the US and was living her very last days. I prioritised my agenda, and so during the past 2 years I have spent as much time in the US, as I possibly could.

It is known, that usually things tend to work out. It was the case here too. The past 2 years have taught me a lot. I got familiarised with a new culture, gotten to know absolutely wonderful people, enjoyed sunshine and felt the love of a dear person, not forgetting the countless stories about the life and love of my dear grandma and grandpa. When two people have spent 70 years together, there is no shortage of stories to be told. But even more important than the stories themselves, were the hand holdings, the I love you's, and the loving glances my grandparents granted each other until the very last moments.

Inspired by all this, my first collection was born. I drew the collection, in Florida, US, in my grandparents’ home. It was exactly the right place for drawing the collection. My own style is quite simple and minimalistic. I have, however, inspired by the American style, added a dash of golden details to my collection. The gowns are created of silk from linings to top fabrics. The collection is a mix of Finnish Scandinavian style with a dash of American bling. It was designed with love, in a place very dear to me.

I purchased the fabrics for the gowns from:

Photos of the gowns taken by the very talanted wedding photographer Susanna Nordvall:

We took the photos at Löyly, on a beautiful summer day:

Models from Modelboom Melinda & Ken:

and Paparazzi Amanda & Jasmin: