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Silk and Dreams

Updated: Mar 6

When I was 14, I attended a modeling class, and looked at awe, with my heart pounding, the lecturer who was a fashion designer. That was the moment when I knew what I wanted to do with my future. And that is what I have been aiming at all these years. Now I’m 40 and just started my own business. My company designs, patterns and makes clothes for women and children. I specialize in wedding gowns, evening dresses and party wear. I also provide services for styling, remodeling and mending clothes.

But let’s go back in time a little… When as a small girl I was asked what I wanted to do when I grow up, I said I wanted to take care of children. Like every other girl probably wants.

Soon the future dream changed, I wanted to become a model, and then a designer. My father is an architect and my grandfather a painter. As a kid I used to watch my father draw, and I thought it was great. And me as well, I drew a lot. To my grandfather it was very important that I drew correctly. I remember how I worked on a drawing of a squirrel for a long time to get it right. He had one rule: never erase a line, but draw a better one on top. This is how one learns. It’s a good rule all and all. When I had started school, I wanted to make clothes for myself and for my Barbie dolls. My mother thought it was incredible how I could spend hours and hours cutting and sewing clothes out of sheet fabric. I probably inherited this skill from my grandmother. And I haven’t stopped making clothes since. First I did them without patterns. I lay the fabric on the floor, cut, sew, tried on, adjusted, sew, etc. until the piece of clothing was the way I wanted it to be. This was my technique up until I started at a designer school after high school. The art of designing is still important to me. And for more experimental clothes I still use the same method, directly on the fabric with no pattern, and only drawing the pattern afterwards.  When I graduated as a dressmaker I swore I would never start sewing clothes. But that’s exactly what I started doing. Six months after my graduation I was sewing. I started with trousers. That was what I most had experience with. For years I had made all my own trousers, because I couldn’t find good fits in the stores. So that’s how it started. I still remember a customer smiling when she got a pair that really fits. And those happy faces are still the reason for me to make clothes. The fact that I can produce with my own hands something that makes others happy is important to me. Clothes that fit well also make people more confident. 

I have two lovely sons. That means that also my first wish has become a reality. The boys have given me the opportunity to be a part of children’s world and see what they need. I made also christening dress to my boys. I used my own wedding dress fabrics. The meaning of dress was unspeakable. Now my children are already a bit bigger I had the courage to follow my own big dream and start this company. Dreams are meant to be true.

I hope you’ll have many happy moments today. Let it be a day like silk: beautiful, serene and shining in the light.  Love, Anna

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