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The modernising of the vintage dress

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

In my work, I create completely new dresses, as well as create new dresses out of old ones. This time, I would like to tell you about modernizing of a vintage dress.

When a dress is being fixed or remodeled, you may create anything at all. You may apply only small corrections, or you may use the fabric from the entire dress, or only a part of it. Usually I request my clients to pay me a visit with the dress. Together we can see what can be possibly done with it. Usually only your imagination is the limit to what can be done. Oftentimes, modernizing of a vintage dress is also cheaper than creating a new dress altogether.

The fabrics from old dresses are often of a very good quality, sometimes even better quality than the new fabrics. The linings, on the other hand are oftentimes poor and made of unbreathable fabrics, so it is recommended to change them. A professional can create a model of a dress just from the pieces of the dress itself, this way it is easy to change the lining, if needed. Also zippers have changed and developed along the years, so it is recommended to change those as well. Vintage buttons and decorations on the other hand are unique to their time, so I would really recommend keeping and reusing them.

In the photos you can see an old dress of my client’s grandmother, which has been modernized. Initially this dress was too big for my client, a little too long, and a little too baggy. At first the dress was slimmed in accordance with my client’s measurements. The hemline of the dress was changed from a straight line into a trendy tulip shape. We also wanted to add a little sexy edge into the dress, so we shortened it. At the same time we shortened the lining, making the hem of the gown appear just that tiny bit transparent.

The fabric of this dress was in a good condition. The lining was made out of silk, and was also in a good condition so we definitely wanted to keep it. The zipper was changed. We removed the lining from the sleeves, thus making the dress a little lighter. The lace on sleeves end hem of the skirt was cut according to the shape of the lace and treated with lacquer to prevent fraying.  

Here you can see the result of my work. Grandmother’s old dress was like new again and a client got a beautiful dress for her friend’s wedding.

These photos were taken in a beautiful Finlandia hall, where it is possible to arrange weddings and other celebrations.

Thank you to my client for remodeling this gown with me, and for modeling at this beautiful photoshoot!

Thanks to Finlandia hall for letting us use this gorgeous set!

Thanks to Niki Strbian for beautiful photos!

Thanks to Miia Ollulla  for the lovely make up & hair!

PS. If you are planning a wedding, I really recommend taking a look at Finlandia hall’s wedding package. The building is quite majestic, with absolutely gorgeous views onto Töölö bay. 

Wishing you all a lovely day!

With love, Anna


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