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Redesigning is styling and altering an old garment. A dress can be made modern, classic or anything desired. Redesigning can be made completely from the old garment or using just parts of it.
Suits, evening dresses, gowns, wedding gowns and christening dresses can be modernized this way.

There is often a special feeling with these garments; an old garment can be an important memory of a beloved mother or grandmother.
This is an ecological method of making new clothes, and often it is also less expensive than making a completely new garment.

Modernising vintage dress


First the dress was slimmed in accordance to client's measurements.


Sleeves lining was remover thus making the dress a little lighter.


The hemline of the dress was changed from a straight line into a trendy tulip shape.
The zipper was changed and slit added.


The lace on sleeves and hem of the dress was cut according to the shape of the lace and treated with lacquer to prevent fraying.

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