Anna Lindh produces own high quality silk bridal collection.

We make also custom-made unique bridal gowns, evening gowns and cocktail dresses. 


We are specialized in silk. 

All the clothes we sell are handmade in Finland.

As we pay attention to environmental aspects, we offer redesign and repairs for your existing gowns and dresses.

We also provide personal styling services to our customers.

Our customers' own values and expectations form the foundation of all our designs. 

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Anna Lindh

Behind the brand


I'm Anna Lindh, a fashion designer and a dressmaker.


I made my first clothes already at the age of 7. I graduated as a dressmaker 23 years ago, and I have been a full-time professional in the industry ever since.

Anna Lindh designs, patterns and makes wedding dresses, evening dresses as well as cocktail dresses by measure. We also offer redesign and repairs for your existing gowns and dresses. 


The offering of various design, pattern making and grading work to business-to-business customers is a part of our service concept.

Our customers' own values and expectations form the foundation of all our designs.


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