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Dream Dress Collection – Sustainable Wedding Dress Collection

Updated: Mar 13

This summer, I completed my studies in sustainability and sustainable development in the fashion industry. I wrote my thesis on the topic of the Life Cycle of a Sustainable Wedding Dress and explored ways to extend the life cycle of a wedding dress. This led to the creation of the Dream Dress collection, with which I took part in the Wedding Dress Designer of the Year 2023 competition. The Dream Dress collection was made for the competition, but it continues the Unique collection, which came out this year.

The 3 outfit in the competition collection are designed with the idea "My day as the bride." Today it is fashionable for the bride to change outfits on the wedding day. The 3 outfits in the collection could be suitable for one bride who wants to change outfits during the day as well as for a female couple who want to dress in the same way, but with different outfits. The competition collection consists of a trouser suit, a 2-piece top & 3/4-piece skirt combination and a full-length 2-piece wedding dress. All parts of the competition collection match each other and the bride can change outfits by just changing one part.

The outfits in the collection are designed so that they can be worn as such even after the wedding. The costumes are made of gorgeous carefully selected silks. Some of the competition dresses are made from recycled wedding dresses. A viscose mixture is also an option. These fabrics dye perfectly, so after the wedding day you can get an evening or formal dress from the dress. Some outfits also feature very high quality handmade sequined fabric.

As the name suggests, the Unique collection emphasizes individuality. We would all like to be met as ourselves. On the wedding day, the bride is under everyone's eyes and when more than ever it is important that the dress is suitable for herself. This gives confidence. This collection has been created specifically to emphasize individuality and each suit in the collection is unique. How is this implemented? A small detail is always changed when making a dress, and all products are numbered and signed. This way, you can be sure that no one else walks to the altar in the same dress.

And then... I won the the competition. ❤️

Thousand thanks for Love Me Do, Sari Yli-Salomäki / Häät magazine , Andrew Lookman / European Bridal Week , Amoriini , Kristiina Raitala / Gloria Magazine , Teemu Muurimäki , Heidi Tuisku , Mirva Saukkola and Juri Silvennoinen.

Photos: Kaho Kwok

Model: Siina Ailasmaa

Muah: Anne Rautio

Fabrics: Villisilkki

Jewelry: Karaat Jewelry

Vintage accessories: Charlotta Vilamo

And to my family & friends! ❤️

With love, Anna ❤️

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