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Temptations Collection

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

I participated in Wedding Gown Design Competition for the Love Me Do Fair 2019. With my Temptations collection I made it to the finals of the competition. The name of the collection represents the bride`s wish to be as beautiful and as seductive as possible on her wedding day. The collection consists of 3 different gowns for three different body types.

The theme of the competition was body positivity. With this collection I wanted to serve women of different sizes, both smaller and bigger. The dresses were designed to highlight the best sides of each target group. We all have parts in our bodies that we do not like that much, but luckily it is the overall appearance that counts. Other people view us as a whole and they see our best parts. The target of this collection is to get the bride to feel as beautiful, sexy and as self-confident as possible on her wedding day.

Each gown is designed to bring out the best parts of each body type. All dresses are meant to get the bride feel absolutely perfect on her wedding day, focusing on beautiful face and bringing out the overall appearance in the best possible light.

The dresses from this collection are all made of the high quality silk, starting from the outer fabric all the way to the linings of the dresses. I have also used embroidered fabrics of the highest quality. The dresses are all hand-tailored and thus unique.

Dress 1 was designed for petite woman with smaller chest. The dress is a full length wedding gown. The idea behind the dress was to make the bride appear taller. This dress does not have any horizontal seams, on the contrary, all seams are vertical as to enhance the tall appearance. The dress has a deep neckline in the front and an open back, which make the dress quite sexy. The gown has short lacy sleeves as to draw the attention from the slim arms to the beautiful lace.

Dress 2 was designed to fit size 38. The top part of the dress is close-fitting, and it has embroidered fabric on top of the silk. The hem of the dress is straight and has a deep slit. Shoulder straps are thin and elegant. This gown has a long, detachable train.

The 3rd dress was designed to fit plus size woman. This dress highlights the best parts of the body-the bust, the décolleté area and the narrow waist. The gown has beautiful detailing at the bust, a low décolleté, and horisontal cut right under the chest area at the most narrow line of the body. Beautiful bust and the gorgeous, deep décolleté naturally draw attention towards themselves and the beautiful face of the bride. This gown has 3/4 sleeves, which is how it is possible to draw the attention to the most narrow parts of the arm.

The fabric of all the dresses is silk. Silk is known to be a high quality fabric, which breathes well and feels pleasant against the skin. Silk fabric can be dyed, which means that later on it is possible to remake these wedding gowns for example into evening dresses. The linings of the dresses, as well as the thread used for sewing are all made of silk, so that the possible dyeing of the gown later on would be as successful, as possible. Silk lining of the dresses also enables the clients to feel luxurious on the most important day of their lives. The lace parts of the dresses are possible to dye with special fabric colorants.

This collection was primarily designed keeping in mind body positivity. The idea behind the collection is to highlight female beauty in all its shapes and sizes. Personally, I think that body positivity means accepting your own body regardless of it's size-big or small. When the best parts of the body are reconised, it is possible to highlight them. It is important to feel confident on one's wedding day, and forget all the self-critique one may have. After all, your spouse has chosen you just the way you are.

Big thanks to

Models Ellen, Heidi and Elisa !

Antti Rintala for photos !

Anne Rautio for make-ups !

Pinja Drufva for flowers !

Gina Bulgamin-Salo for jewellery !

Seurasaaren Kruunu for beautiful photo shooting place !

With love, Anna

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